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:: What is Picotachi?

Picotachi is a show and tell event for designers and researchers in Tokyo, held at Pico Pico Cafe in Kichijoji. The goal is to share ideas and get feedback, with an epmhasis on experimental, unusual, personal, half-finished and tiny projects. Each Picotachi there will be a group of short presentations starting at 8pm followed by a small party, so it is a good chance to meet and chat with other creatives.


:: What is the Presentation Format?

We can provide each speaker with a projector and microphone, and the option of either playing video / images from a usb drive or using their own laptop. The presentation format is quite relaxed, but we suggest ~5 minutes followed by a brief Q&A and discussion. Anything between 1 minute and 10 minutes would be fine depending on the scope of the work.


:: Who Can Join?

Anyone can join! We have limited space though, so please either register as a speaker beforehand or show up early if you want to guarantee entry.


:: What kind of Projects are ok?

Almost anything! The focus should be on creative idea-sharing rather than commerical promotion, but beyond that, anything goes. We also welcome repeat presentations (to show the progress of ongoing projects), half-finished work or failed/abonded projects, and tiny 1-minute presentations.


:: Is English ok?

Any language is ok, especially if the presentation is visual in nature.


:: How Can I Sign up as a Presenter?

If you have any questions or would like to join as a presenter, please send us an email picopicocafe@gmail.com

We'll let you know when the next opportunity to show something is, and can discuss any additional requirements.


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